On October 19th, the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jan Lipavský, has awarded the Gratias Agit award to Dr. Karl Ayikai Laryea, the CEO of Knights a.s.

The prestigious Gratias Agit award has been awarded annually since 1997 to prominent personalities and non-governmental organizations, regardless of their nationality. It serves as a governmental token of appreciation for their commitment, efforts, and long-term activities that span beyond the scope of their professional duties, yet selflessly benefit society while contributing to the promotion of the good name of the Czech Republic internationally, helping its visibility and favorable image, and deepening the interest in Czechia abroad.

In his speech, Minister Lipavský acknowledged and appreciated the fact that the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic made it possible to finally present the awards to this year’s laureates in person: “It’s a great privilege to personally, face-to-face thank you for your hard work, passion, and determination with which you spread the good name of the Czech Republic in the world.”

Dr. Laryea has joined the exclusive group of only 350 people and organizations that have received the award, being the first African-born laureate. The award, which includes a diploma and a crystal globe, is the only statutory prize awarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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